*Dr. Saulter and his awesome "Staff"- Thank you all for the excellent care and compassion that you have shown to our family ove the past 10+ years! While 2012 has presented a whole new definition of the word "challenge." We have always felt confident in the care that we have received from your office! Your patience to explain things as well as your incredible ability to guide us through the challenges this year are so greatly appreciated. Thank you for all of you help, care, comfort and guidance! We would have been "lost" without each of you! ~J.M.

What a gift that it has been for so many people like me! I feel blessed with reasonably better health because of you! S.H. 

Thanks for all the work you did on my back, and the exercises you taught me, allowing me to ski for ten consecutive days in Utah this winter.


*Before I came to see Dr. Saulter, I would fall without notice because my leg would give way. When I started receiving chiropractic care my back and leg pain went away and now there is no more, "I've fallen and can't get up!" I have been receiving maintenance care once a month since 1994 and I feel great. Thanks Len!
-GW Patient since 1994


 *I want to thank you for over twenty years of chiropractic treatment and good health. I first came to you in 1991 after a serious car accident. What started with treatment for a neck injury, evolved into continued care since then. I had nagging lower back pain that attributed to poor work practices or my life style. You found I had other spinal conditions stemming from birth and began monthly chiropractic care which has eliminated that pain and made me a healthier person. You have treated me as a person and not just a number. You understand and accept that at times, other medical professionals must intervene to resolve conditions that can not be solely treated by chiropractic care. Your association and respect of other medical professionals clearly shows that you truly care for the person's health and the desire to treat the person. Thank you again and I look forward to many more years in your care.
-Steve Bradstreet


*Dear Dr. Saulter,

I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me during this pregnancy. I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you also to you and your staff for being so good to my daughter/taking care of her during my appointments. You guys are hands down the best doctor's office that we visit. 

Warmly, J.N. 


*Two years ago I was in the middle of what seemed like a hopeless search for a doctor who knew what they were doing and who would treat me as an individual. Dr. Saulter came highly recommended to me. Like all the other recommendations, I was hesitant due past experiences. I also knew I had been quickly running out of options. I had been in some sort of chronic pain for about 7 years. Towards the end I could not lift myself up enough to roll over in bed. On a good day I could wak without taking any sort of pain medicine. I was becoming very depressed not being able to landscape, rock climb and enjoy other physical activities. So as it goes the last thing I tried was the first thing that worked. Upon arriving to the office, I remember thinking that this was probably going to be a waste of time. When I met with him I told him my history and asked him very nervously if he thought I would able to resume the activities which brought me so much joy. After his initial examination he very quickly said "yes, I think we can help." He gave me a series of "homework" to do and I eagerly agreed. Fast forward two years and I am no longer taking pain medicine, anti-inflammatory medicine and I have been able to restore lost physical function and then some. I want you to know how important that last sentence is to me. I am a new father of twin boys and I can physically be just that, a great dad. I wish I could convince others to go and visit Dr. Saulter, but as it goes, attraction works better than promotion. I am one among many living examples of what Dr. Saulter's outstanding education and dedication to help others has done for the people in this community. From a very humble and forever grateful patient, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Yours in health, R.B.

*There are not enought words to express my sincerest thanks to you for the incredible care that you have always provided to myself, family and dogs! But especially this year with the challenges that I have faced! Your expertise, comfort, guidance and ability to make things happen have been nothing short of amazing! Thank you for caring and going the extra mile when it really matter! ~J.M.

At the time I was a healthy person who had never experienced any back problems before. I was at work at a meeting when I felt pain in my back. When I stood up I feel down. I was so very much in pain that I could not walk or sit. I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance to a local hospital where I was told they could not find anything wrong. Yet I was in so, so, so much pain I could not walk or sit. They filled me with drugs so that I could not feel the pain, gave me a prescription and sent me on my way. Thankfully I was referred to Dr. Saulter by several of my friends. They told me that he could work miracles. After my first visit I had dramatically improved. After the third visit I was almost pain free. By the fifth visit I was completely back to normal. I am very thankful to Saulter Chiropractic for everything they have done for me. Thank you all very much. 

*Thank you all for taking such good care of me (us). You saved me from having surgery. I am so grateful! ~E. Y.