Posted: April 30, 2020

                          PANDEMIC PLANS


This past week we welcomed back a number of existing patients who have been self guaranteeing and working or studying at home. The common complaint was neck and or back pain from hours sitting in front of their lap top or iPad. This is a reminder to take a few minutes to check on your home/work ergonomics. If you have a detachable computer screen raise it to eye level. If not, tilt the screen back at least 45 degrees. Your arms and or wrists should be supported resting on the arm of your chair, table top, or pillow and you should have support just beneath your last ribs to keep your lower back supported and elevating your rib cage keeping your neck centered on top of and not forward of your shoulders. If you have an exercise ball you can use it to sit on as an alternative to your chair. Set an alarm to remind you to get up every hour or so to breathe, stretch and walk to increase blood circulation and relax your muscles. 


During these stressful times try and focus on the things that you can control like, your diet, exercise, posture, sleep, stretching, yoga, meditation,…. The Covid-19 virus attacks the pulmonary system so exercise you lungs with aerobic activity and or taking a few minutes 3-4 times a day to take deep breaths filling and holding the air in your lungs for 20 seconds before slowly exhaling.


A number of patients have reported that they accepted my challenge from last week and took action to improve their life style. Some have made improvements to their diet and many reported getting out for a walk or exercise every day. A couple of weeks ago, one couple challenged themselves to walking/hiking a different “land trust” trail in the greater Portland area each day. During their appointments this morning they confirmed that they had just finished hiking all of the trails in Freeport and will be starting on the Cumberland trails tomorrow.  Go for it!


While we begin the first stages of resuming a new normal remember it is still wise to take your temperature before venturing out and to wear a face covering when in and around the general public. We continue to keep the office open, rigorously sanitized, wear face coverings, and limit the number of people in the office at one time. If you have concerns about coming to the office or if you are immune compromised, let us know and we will schedule your appointment assuring there are no other patients in the office at the time of your visit.


If you know of someone who is unemployed, furloughed without pay, or without insurance that needs care, let them know that we are continuing with our reduced fee schedule for those adversely affected by this Pandemic. We also continue to offer priority appointments 7 days a week for those dedicated front line first responders.


I am always available to answer any questions and or to advise on healthy things you can do to support you, your friends, and your family during this crisis.


 This to will pass.


Stay Strong. Stay Healthy. Be Well.


Dr. Len