Posted: April 23, 2020
By: Saulter Chiropractic Center






Crazy and desperate times require a different approach. I have been searching for something that I could do to help those adversely affected by this Pandemic Corona Crisis. Until further notice, I am reducing fees and waiving all co-pays for any new or existing patients who are presently unemployed or on work furlough. Additionally, there will be no out of pocket expense for new patient exams, established patient exams, or x-rays. Fees for therapeutic pillows and any other medical supplies will be reduced by 50%, and the cost for nutritional supplements reduced 25%. If you have lost your job and no longer have insurance coverage all fees for exams, x-rays, supplies and treatment will be reduced by 50%.


Yes, while so many practices have closed, I continue to keep my office open and remain committed to helping all of you stay informed, healthy, safe and strong. Besides our rigorous cleaning, sanitizing and limiting the number of patients in the office, we are now wearing face coverings and ask that all our patients do the same. When you first enter the office please use the hand sanitizer at the front desk and in the treatment rooms. I am requiring all staff to take their temps before coming to the office or prior to “essential” outings and advise that all of you do the same. If temp is over 100.4 degrees stay put and quarantined from others.


While much of this situation is out of our control, enhanced hygiene, healthy eating habits, sleep, good posture, regular exercise and vitamins can help you stay healthy and support your immune system.


Many patients have asked what I have been doing to stay sane when I am not seeing patients during this lock down. Besides exercising 6 days a week and trying to adhere to all of the above, I am spending time outside preparing my organic vegetable gardens, planting more Elder Berry bushes (for medicinal purposes), pruning my fruit trees, and expanding my Monarch Butterfly Garden. If you are looking for something to do go to www.saulterchiropractic .com and check out the link for the Monarch Story and pictures and videos from last years garden. It is truly magical! You can also, check out the spinal molding and cervical and lumbar back exercise videos and take advantage of this time to strengthen your back, neck and core.


You are always welcome to call if you have any questions about your health or things you can do to keep healthy.


Be Strong. Be Safe. Stay Well.


Dr. Len