Posted: April 30, 2020

                          PANDEMIC PLANS


This past week we welcomed back a number of existing patients who have been self guaranteeing and working or studying at home. The common complaint was neck and or back pain from hours sitting in front of their lap top or iPad. This is a reminder to take a few minutes to check on your home/work ergonomics. If you have a detachable computer screen raise it to eye level. If not, tilt the screen back at least 45 degrees. Your arms and or wrists should be supported resting on the arm of your chair, table top, or pillow and you should have support just beneath your last ribs to keep your lower back supported and elevating your rib cage keeping your neck centered on top of and not forward of your shoulders. If you have an exercise ball you can use it to sit on as an alternative to your chair. Set an alarm to remind you to get up every hour or so to breathe, stretch and walk to increase blood circulation and relax your muscles. 


During these stressful times try and focus on the things that you can control like, your diet, exercise, posture, sleep, stretching, yoga, meditation,…. The Covid-19 virus attacks the pulmonary system so exercise you lungs with aerobic activity and or taking a few minutes 3-4 times a day to take deep breaths filling and holding the air in your lungs for 20 seconds before slowly exhaling.


A number of patients have reported that they accepted my challenge from last week and took action to improve their life style. Some have made improvements to their diet and many reported getting out for a walk or exercise every day. A couple of weeks ago, one couple challenged themselves to walking/hiking a different “land trust” trail in the greater Portland area each day. During their appointments this morning they confirmed that they had just finished hiking all of the trails in Freeport and will be starting on the Cumberland trails tomorrow.  Go for it!


While we begin the first stages of resuming a new normal remember it is still wise to take your temperature before venturing out and to wear a face covering when in and around the general public. We continue to keep the office open, rigorously sanitized, wear face coverings, and limit the number of people in the office at one time. If you have concerns about coming to the office or if you are immune compromised, let us know and we will schedule your appointment assuring there are no other patients in the office at the time of your visit.


If you know of someone who is unemployed, furloughed without pay, or without insurance that needs care, let them know that we are continuing with our reduced fee schedule for those adversely affected by this Pandemic. We also continue to offer priority appointments 7 days a week for those dedicated front line first responders.


I am always available to answer any questions and or to advise on healthy things you can do to support you, your friends, and your family during this crisis.


 This to will pass.


Stay Strong. Stay Healthy. Be Well.


Dr. Len


Posted: April 23, 2020
By: Saulter Chiropractic Center




As we continue to navigate our way through this Corona Pandemic it is time to take charge and make lemonade out of lemons. 37 years ago I started my Chiropractic practice treating neuro-musculoskeletal disorders and educating patients about improving their health potential by choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is based on the choices we make good or bad each and everyday. After 5 weeks of doom and gloom the world health experts announced that to prevent future “Pandemics” we need to “improve the health of the human population”. Dah!!! A patient who is a pulmonary therapist told me last week that of the 17 people on ventilators at the hospital where he works, were obese, diabetic, or both.


Rather than focusing on all the things that are out of your control, I challenge you to identify and take the steps necessary to improve just one aspect of your lifestyle. For some this could simply be eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, losing weight, hydrating more, “drinking” less, eliminating nicotine, exercising more, getting plenty of rest, taking anti oxidant and immune supportive vitamins A, C, and D, maintaining your spinal health with regular chiropractic adjustments…..You are the “house keeper” of your body so take action and use this time to make a change to improve your health for a better future. I am always available to provide counsel and advice to help you make the necessary changes to improve your health. To save on recommended supplements visit and browse the online store and get discounts on supplements and shipping.


I want to remind everyone to take your temperature and wear a face covering when leaving home for “essential” outings like coming to our office. We are scheduling appointments to limit the number of people in the office and are no longer having patients in the waiting room. If you arrive and see others in the front office stay in your car and call and we will come and get you as soon as others have left and we have sanitized thoroughly. When you enter the office use the hand sanitizer at the front desk and go directly to the designated treatment room. You are no longer being asked to sign in.


We will continue to discount services for anyone unemployed, on unpaid furlough, or who have no insurance. We recently notified our local “first responders” to thank them for their efforts to keep us safe and that they will continue to have first priority for appointment times. If you are working on the front lines or know of a “first responder” locally or elsewhere who needs care, we will remain available for emergency visits 7 days a week.





Dr. Len


Posted: April 23, 2020
By: Saulter Chiropractic Center






Crazy and desperate times require a different approach. I have been searching for something that I could do to help those adversely affected by this Pandemic Corona Crisis. Until further notice, I am reducing fees and waiving all co-pays for any new or existing patients who are presently unemployed or on work furlough. Additionally, there will be no out of pocket expense for new patient exams, established patient exams, or x-rays. Fees for therapeutic pillows and any other medical supplies will be reduced by 50%, and the cost for nutritional supplements reduced 25%. If you have lost your job and no longer have insurance coverage all fees for exams, x-rays, supplies and treatment will be reduced by 50%.


Yes, while so many practices have closed, I continue to keep my office open and remain committed to helping all of you stay informed, healthy, safe and strong. Besides our rigorous cleaning, sanitizing and limiting the number of patients in the office, we are now wearing face coverings and ask that all our patients do the same. When you first enter the office please use the hand sanitizer at the front desk and in the treatment rooms. I am requiring all staff to take their temps before coming to the office or prior to “essential” outings and advise that all of you do the same. If temp is over 100.4 degrees stay put and quarantined from others.


While much of this situation is out of our control, enhanced hygiene, healthy eating habits, sleep, good posture, regular exercise and vitamins can help you stay healthy and support your immune system.


Many patients have asked what I have been doing to stay sane when I am not seeing patients during this lock down. Besides exercising 6 days a week and trying to adhere to all of the above, I am spending time outside preparing my organic vegetable gardens, planting more Elder Berry bushes (for medicinal purposes), pruning my fruit trees, and expanding my Monarch Butterfly Garden. If you are looking for something to do go to www.saulterchiropractic .com and check out the link for the Monarch Story and pictures and videos from last years garden. It is truly magical! You can also, check out the spinal molding and cervical and lumbar back exercise videos and take advantage of this time to strengthen your back, neck and core.


You are always welcome to call if you have any questions about your health or things you can do to keep healthy.


Be Strong. Be Safe. Stay Well.


Dr. Len


Posted: April 23, 2020
By: Saulter Chiropractic Center

                                             CORONA CARE



During these difficult times it is important to remember that your physical posture and attitude are integral to the mind body connection between emotional and physical health. While mental stress is known to cause physical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, back and neck pain, research shows that physical stress of a hunched over posture is associated with low energy, negative emotions, stress hormones, low self esteem and confidence.


Be aware of your posture. Optimize your quarantine environment for how you sit, stand, sleep, and exercise.


Sit upright with good lumbar support with your head supported over your shoulders.


Stand tall avoiding the slouch or hunch. Looking down can effect you physically and emotionally depressing both your posture and outlook and making it more difficult to take a full deep breath which is so important to combat this ugly respiratory virus.


Avoid sleeping on your stomach and if you are a side sleeper place a pillow between your legs. If sleeping on your back remember to start off with a roll pillow just below your last rib to support your lower back.


Be sure to support your local fitness centers when they are allowed to reopen. Until then, take advantage of getting outside to exercise and or the many programs you can download online for stretching, yoga, boot camps, core strength, cycling….Check out the cervical and lumbar exercise videos to improve your spinal health at


If you have any questions about what you can do to prevent sickness or ideas for proper exercise feel free to reach out to me at any time.


We continue to remain open to help all of our patients remain strong and healthy. We continue to limit the number of people in the office at any one time and are following the CDC recommendations in order to keep the office open and as safe as possible. Anyone with a fever or who does not feel well should not venture out and should self quarantine for two weeks. All SCC staff is required to take their temperatures’ before leaving their homes before coming into the office. I recommend that everyone does the same before leaving your home to go to the super market or other essential appointments. If you or anyone in your surroundings has a temperature over 100.4 you should call your primary care provider and self quarantine until you have been tested. 


Stay Healthy,


Dr. Len


Posted: April 23, 2020
By: Saulter Chiropractic Center

                             CORONA CARE PART TWO



We have just completed a very stressful week helping patients with sound advice and chiropractic treatment. We will continue to open our office for the foreseeable future, taking all the CDC precautions, along with constant sanitizing and limiting the number of patients in the office at any one time.


For those of you who have chosen to “hunker down”, remember to hydrate frequently throughout the day, get good sleep, some daily exercise, and eat healthy foods. Should any of you have any health questions or concerns please feel free to call Dr. Saulter on his cell over the weekend or at the office week days. We will also schedule individual appointments for those immune compromised or fearful of interactions with the general public.


Crazy times but stay positive, healthy, and know that individually and as a community, State, and country we are strong and will be stronger and healthier on the other end of this dreadful situation.


Happier and Healthier Times to Come,



Dr. Len


Posted: April 23, 2020
By: Saulter Chiropractic Center



Yes we are open and will remain so indefinitely to help all our patients stay as healthy as possible.

Yes we are concerned about the spread of the Coronavirus and have implemented a plan of action as well as tips to help all our patients stay healthy.

We ask that all our patients who have travelled out of State to not schedule an appointment until after 3/28/20.

We have made changes to how we schedule patients in order to limit the number of patients in our office or treatment rooms at any given time.

We are following CDC guidelines for office sanitation multiple times a day and recommending that any patient 80 or older stay home until the threat of the Coronavirus has decreased.

We are sanitizing treatment tables, patient files, and rooms, and all surfaces after each and every patient.

Dr. Saulter and staff are washing and or sanitizing their hands after and before each and every patient.

We are asking that anyone who has a cough, sniffle, or fever to stay home until fully recovered and an additional 2 weeks.

We recommend that all our patients follow healthy habits such as eating healthy foods, getting 7 hours sleep each night, exercising regularly, and keeping up with your chiropractic adjustments. 


Washing your hands multiple times a day as this virus is transmitted through contact with your mouth, nose or eyes.


Wash your clothes as soon as you get home after any exposure to the public.


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, drinking a couple sips of water every 15 minutes during the day and multiple times at night.

Besides a healthy diet make sure to increase VC to 7-8000mg and VD 5000 units daily.


SCC staff understands that if they or any family members are sick that they are to stay home and not come to the office.


Your health and well being is our utmost concern so if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call and speak with Dr. Saulter.