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Try Dr. Saulter's 3 Step Plan to Fight Joint Pain and Arthritis

Posted: April 27, 2016
By: Dr Leonard Saulter


Try Dr. Saulter’s 3 Step Plan to Fight Joint Pain and Arthritis

Inflammation is part of the body’s immune system, which allows the body to heal. When it’s out of control it can damage are joints resulting in arthritis and pain.

First, try eliminating inflammatory foods such as sugar, wheat products, and saturated fat for 4 weeks.

Second, try adding the foods listed below, that are known to curb inflammation to your meal plan.

Finally, take Omega 3 Fish Oil from Metagenics daily. You can save 15% and avoid shipping costs when you order using Dr. Saulter’s access code saulterchiropractic.metagenics.com at saulterchiropractic.metagenics.com


Anti-inflammatory Foods: 


                                                            Fatty Fish                                                        Tomatoes

                                                           Whole grains                                                  Beets

                                                           Dark leafy vegetables                                   Ginger and Turmeric

                                                           Nuts                                                                  Garlic and Onions

                                                           Soy                                                                   Olive Oil

                                                           Yogurt                                                              Berries

                                                                  Peppers                                                           Tart Cherries